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A New Day Dawned

It was the indifference that hurt the most.

Years of being ignored, patronised, humoured.

When the end finally came, it came swift. Not slow like I always thought it would. It was death by a thousand half-smiles. I could handle arguments, rage, anger. It was just the lack of anything that broke me. As I walked in through the door. I said my usual cheery hello, and leaned in for a kiss. That was it. The moment I knew. It was the cheek turned. The eyes averted.

Well, it's been six months since that day. The day I walked out. The day I became myself. Six months of happiness, security, and exploration. I never knew what it could be like to really be me. To explore my inside mind, without compromise. Now I look to the future with optimism. A new world before me. Ready to love, and be loved. Thank god she followed me...

Story by:

Matthew Greenwell

29 May 2018