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Goats Of The Herd

You know Nietzsche once said, in his superman book, "They have a thing they call culture it separates them from the goatherds."

Well this is a true and inspirational goat story "told to me straight from the goat's mouth".

The story was that a certain guy, X, was traveling in Pakistan and one day he was in a restaurant where he dined upon goat. After dinner he went to the washroom and discovered the toilet was just a hole in the floor. Anyway he squatted down and did his business, but as he did so he felt something licking his ass! It was a goat!

Well you know the experience was so pleasurable that X had several girls lick his ass, but he still wasn't satisfied. So he went out to the countryside of Pakistan, where he would venture unto the goat fields, and get the hungry goats to lick his ass, and eat his shit. He was in heaven!

So then he resolved to live forever in Pakistan, and buy his own goats. And of course he kept them hungry. And he decided to get castrated so that he could be true to the goats.

As time went by he practiced selective breeding among the goats, as some goats were better ass lickers than others. And X wanted super goats. And he felt like a superman of the future.

He also spent time going around the countryside extolling the virtues of getting your ass licked, and also of licking ass. He told them shit was good for health, helped people lose weight, made men strong etc. etc.

And X called his goat farm "The US of Goatica" here man and goat are equal and all must obey his arbitrary dictates (and lick his ass of course).

Story by:

Tom Ball

11 July 2018