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We are the non-sleepers and we walk the roads at night. We watch late night films and stalk the confines of our own homes. The lights within, the darkness outside and we watch. We listen. We pray and we prey. We pray for the lost souls like us. Awake at all hours, the sleepless. And we prey when we feel the need. They want to brighten our dawns with something. Anything to entertain us. And we wish you, the sleepers, knew of the late night walking. The roaming and the trips from couch to bed to kitchen table as we beg our minds to take it easy. Relax. Slow down and sleep. But they never did. Nor did they want to sleep a night in a bed with soft pillow; firm mattress and let soothing sleep make all the difference.

Oh quiet mind. Oh holy well of the thoughts. The deeds we daren't utter. And there is fear there. Fear of the unbidden. The swirling thoughts that beg to be actioned upon or at least given voice. For what will the Goodlies think? Who would care? We would wonder as the dark thoughts bring fruition to all that is of the night. The dankness, the evil that permeates the night. You see, dear readers, that is why we non-sleepers walk these roads - to lighten the night.

Story by:

Mari Maxwell

16 July 2018