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Michigan Möbius Strip

"Howya think the Lions are gonna do this year?"

The rusty voice drifts across the expanse of bar and I glance up to see an old man sitting over a shot and a Strohs. He is looking at me.

"I'm sorry?" I say.

"They gonna stink again or what?"

Then I understand. I take off my cap, look at it needlessly. "Oh—no. I just have the hat. Just bought it. I always loved the logo." Then think to add: "I'm from Boston."

He blinks slowly, eyes huge behind thick glasses. "What're you doin' in Detroit?"

"I'm on vacation," I say.

"Vacation?" Pause. "Who takes vacation in Detroit?"

"Just something different. I've never been to Motown before."

He goes back to his drinks, his gaze staring off at something only he sees. I finish mine. As I rise, he looks up, blinks. "Howya think the Lions are gonna do this year?"

Story by:

David Daniel

30 July 2018