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A trick, a test.

Thatís when I realised it was NOT going to work. I could never shoot DiMarco from this angle. It was literally MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. I sat back against the wall wondering why I volunteered for this assignment. What an idiot I was!

The annoying alarm clock kept ringing, beep beep beeeeeep beep beep. When would it stop? Iíd have to get up. I finally decided to get my gun and shoot that confounded piece of technology. BANG. There it was done. I still had to get up though; I finally managed to drag my self out on to the edge of my bed. I sat there with my head in my hands rubbing my eyes getting rid of the gunk in my eyes. Why did I ever volunteer for MI5, what possessed me to do it? I stepped into the shower, greeting the warm water over my body. Suddenly, my pager beeped, signalling me to go to MI5 headquarters. This was becoming my daily routine now; get up, in shower, out to work. My car failed to start, it whined to be killed when I started it. I needed to get to HQ within 30mins or I would be punished.

15 minutes had passed now, the car would not start. I had to run. I leapt out of my car not even bothering to shut it; thieves would never start it either! I must have looked a sight to innocent passers-by, my suit jacket and tie attacking my face. But that didnít matter, I had to get there. I hopped fences into gardens passing oblivious children in their playhouses. I even had one woman throw a rolling pin at me. I was nearly there.

Story by:

Alex SL

submitted at 11:50am

2 July 2008