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A Fabulous Vacation

"Welcome to Evil Vacations," said the travel agent. "Our clients spend vacations acting out monster fantasies. Whatís your preference?"

"The Werewolf Package," Bert said.

"Wonderful choice. Itís our most popular package. Youíll enjoy twenty-one fun-filled days and nights on Lycanthropia, a planet that has three moons. Each moon remains full for seven days. Dense forests and populated villages are provided. For your pleasure, ten unarmed villagers will enter the forest and get lost, every night. Imagine all the fun youíll have tracking them and ripping them apart. Not to mention the joy of hearing their anguished screams."

"Sounds relaxing."

"Many of my clients swear by it. They say itís the best time they ever had."

Bert paid $6,000 and headed for Lycanthropia. He had a fabulous time. Unfortunately, his vacation was interrupted after only 14 nights when an asteroid collided with and destroyed one of Lycanthopiaís moons. Consequently, Bert lost 7 nights of fun and frolic for which heíd already paid.

"Gimme $2,000 refund," Bert said to the travel agent, upon his return. "I lost an entire week. An asteroid destroyed one of the moons. Even worse, Iíve become a real werewolf."

"The fine print on your vacation contract warned you of that possibility. However, youíre entitled to a partial refund. Since Iím low on cash, Iíll pay you in silver right now."

Cops found Bertís corpse behind a dumpster. It was riddled with silver bullets.

Story by:

Michael A. Kechula

submitted at 2:49pm

8 June 2009

Michael's stories have been published by 108 magazines and 30 anthologies.