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Nasty Chester

Chester was madly in love with Betsy from his English class. Unfortunately, her boyfriend hogged all her time. An inner voice told Chester, "Thereís only one way to get near her - kill her boyfriend."

The voice gave Chester lots of delicious, murderous ideas. Acting on one, he fouled the boyfriendís truck brakes. He never counted on Betsy being with her boyfriend when the brakes failed and they sailed over a cliff.

Cops interviewed students in the English class. Chester slipped and said he loved Betsy, raising their suspicious. The voice urged Chester to flee immediately, or end up facing lethal injection. He panicked and hurled himself through a classroom window.

With sirens in his ears, he took the voiceís advice and hid in the cemetery. When night fell, he opened Betsyís grave. "Hi," he said, climbing into her coffin. "Iím Chester. Weíre in the same English class. Would you like a Tic Tac?"

He thought she nodded. The voice confirmed it. Embracing her tightly, he kissed her cold, fetid lips and passed the mint from his tongue to hers. After more passionate kisses, he confessed his deep yearnings.

"But Iím not eighteen yet, Chester," she seemed to say. "Iím jail bait."

The voice said, "Tell her nobody will ever find out."

"Whoís gonna know?" Chester asked. "I wonít tell if you donít."

He thought she giggled.

"This beats lethal injection any day," he said, reaching up to close the coffin lid.

Story by:

Michael A. Kechula

submitted at 6:07pm

8 June 2009

Michael's stories have been published by 108 magazines and 30 anthologies.