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Goblin's Surprise

I looked up as the door to the bathroom slammed against the wall. I was surprised at what I saw. Two goblins were standing there holding guns. I wouldn’t have thought that Goblins were smart enough to fire a gun. Someone must have taught them.

I could tell they thought they had me dead to rights but a wizard is not killed so easily. I said a spell of protection as they fired. The bullets hit my magic and rebounded. They fell to the ground shot to doll rags by their own bullets.

I knelt beside one who still lived.

"Who sent you?" I demanded. The goblin just coughed up blood and died. I had to resort to necromancy to get the answer.

As I left the bathroom I was thinking of how I could get my revenge on Torlak. The wizard who had sent the goblins to kill. I wanted to make him suffer for eternity.

Story by:

Dennis Thornton

submitted at 4:54pm

9 June 2009