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How To Make Name In Russian

Bear in mind in every white circle there is black spot or, as my grandmother was say always to me, every stick have two ends. From personnel experience I know that Vova will joy the attendance of Sveta. She is now ministering to his contusion with unguent and care. Sveta is gentle soul diva who likes hysterical monuments and pouring rains. Vova will have fun with hand-me-down of mine or my name is not Alexei Yerik Novikov. Such is the higher regard I esteem for Sveta I will not tell my petting name for her. Suffice to say, it was not Sveta or even Lana.

Now I am loner. I am perfectly ecstatic to be loner, I do not want just to be lonely loner. Human mens are like dogs. We have no hidden sexuality. Until we are married. But before, what you see is what you get. With womens is it hidden inside. It does not show. The genital is inside. With mens, it is clear when we are exciting. It is hunger. And we just rush into fast food when we are hungry. We must learn to take our time. It is esential we change our sexual hobbits. When entering the middle age, when the life changes, we have no choice.

In addiction to this, I myself am chained to wheelchair since accident. At the least I have my guitar who save me from boring. In evenings I sit at my window looking out at skycratchers and moon thinking. Thinking time is good. As Sveta would always used to say:

"Time is great dealer".

Now I wait for Lana. I wait. One day she will come here when she is tired with Vova. I know.

Story by:

Phil Doran

submitted at 12:14am

10 June 2009

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