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The man in the wood

The sun was shinning down as I lathered another load of sun cream on. The waves were lapping at my feet and the seagulls circling up ahead. BANG! A plastic ball fell on my head forcing me out of my slumber. “We are terrible sorry.” Chorused two boy’s together. I rolled over and (after getting two more face full of sand as the ball repeatedly hit my head) decided to call it a day. I gathered up my half buried towel and other belongings then turned up the hill to my caravan. 4 hours later I was just about to descend into bed when I realised I had forgot my mobile. Petrified it may have been stolen but holding on to the hope that people would be more honest, I threw a torch in a bag and made my way back down the hill towards the beach. Only the walk seemed to be taking longer than I had first expected but maybe that was because I was tired.

Gradually I seemed to be approaching a forest.

This was odd as I was quite positive there hadn’t been a forest there before. The forest was stretching right out in front of me. I decided to re- trace my steps to find were I took a wrong turning. But I only ended up back were I had started. Determined to find my phone I decided to go though the forest. So I rooted around in my pocket for the torah just my luck the batteries fell out as soon as I lifted it. I crouched on the floor, my hands gently sweeping the floor. Nothing. I stood up and reached out for a tree trunk. WHACK.

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submitted at 12:05pm

2 July 2008