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Cuppa Joe

"Mmm...waking up and getting that first cup of steaming Joe," said Victoria. "Just canít beat it."

"I know, I love it," said Ilsa. "Nothing like fresh stuff, huh?"

They sat quietly enjoying their cups, lost in their thoughts. A crash from downstairs snapped them from their musings.

"Sounds like Vlad is up," said Ilsa.

Vlad kicked open the door and stormed into the kitchen. "Dammit, Victoria, I told you to wake me early," he said.

"Relax, dearie. The sun just went down 30 minutes ago," answered Victoria. He cast her a dark scowl.

"How about a nice cup of Joe to get you going?" asked Ilsa.

"Iím sick of Joe," said Vlad.

"Then what are you in the mood for?" Ilsa asked as she opened the pantry room door. She looked over the half-dozen comatose people hooked up to the Bloodbrewer 2000. "I think Phoebe and Ross are almost empty, but there should be plenty of Rachel, Chandler and Monica left."

"I donít want anything," he snapped. "Iíll just grab someone while Iím out." He slammed the front door as he left.

"Some vampires are just so cranky when they wake up," said Victoria.

They giggled as they returned to their cups.

Story by:

Paul Ingrassia

submitted at 6:08pm

4 July 2009

Paul Ingrassia's web: