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Passing in the Night

Gavin woke up screaming with sweat dripping from every inch of his body like heíd run a marathon. The lights in his bedroom came on and his parents stood in the doorway.

"Whatís wrong? Are you alright?"

"Just a nightmare I guess," Gavin said.

"Must have been bad, that scream probably woke the whole neighbourhood."

"It was so real."

"Good night," Gavinís parents said.


Gavin looked at his clock radio. It was four twenty in the morning.

The following day, Gavinís father picked him up school just after midday. Gavin was not surprised.

"Grandpaís dead, isnít he?" Gavin said.

"How did you know?"

"Last night, I swear poppa came into my room. It was like he came through the ceiling and hovered above me. He said goodbye to me. I was going to tell you, but I know how much mum freaks out about things out of the ordinary."

"Itís alright, it was just a dream."

"What time did poppa die?"

"It doesnít matter does it?"

"I need to know, what time?"

"Quarter past four. Even if it wasnít a dream, thereís nothing that you could have done. It would have been too late."

Story by:

Scott Wilson

submitted at 5:48am

5 July 2009