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Better Safe Than Sorry

I thought I saw the mailman deliver a pizza to Mrs. Gillespe across the street. Maybe I should go over there and see if it's got correct postage, or just a slice of pepperoni instead of a stamp. She's the kind that kisses the Italian vegetable man or pets stray tigers, and I wouldn't put it past her to cheat on the postage. I'm a taxpayer. Just looking after my own money. But, I could be wrong. It could have been a cake or a ficus tree. It could have been the milkman bringing her a sofa and matching chair. I sometimes see things, you know.

Oh, she's seen me, here she comes now.

"Emily," she says, holding out a covered plate. "I've just baked. Thought you'd like some cookies."

I take them, close the door, don't invite her in, then feed them to the dog. I love him, but better him than me if they're poisoned.

Story by:

Alice Folkart

submitted at 9:54pm

5 July 2009