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The Painter

Forty-nine year old Patsy Selleck walked into the art class, led by a refugee from Bosnia who painted wildly colored nude women. The teacher spoke with a strong accent, drank wine and shouted encouragement or screamed "Stop, you're ruining your painting."

The class participants, all women, looked like a gathering of hippies from the seventies. The creation of abstracts came second to the companionship.

Patsy spattered her canvas with color, laughing with each stroke of the brush or paint knife or steel wool. She painted with brushes, with steel wool, with ribbons. Then she painted with anything other than a brush. She stopped listening when Ms Bosnia yelled "Stop."

On the way home, she enjoyed a full fat ice cream cone. She spent too much money on tickets to Barcelona, packed her suitcase full of books, and left for the airport.

Chat with her if you see her, walking the beach somewhere in Costa del Sol. So much for the trip to Disney World.

Story by:

Karyn Hall

submitted at 10:29pm

10 July 2009

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