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Did You Remember?

Did you remember to don your gloves and overalls, and tuck all your hair into the plastic shower cap before you cleaned up her blood? If you’d only listened to me and kept your head, we wouldn’t have such a mess on our hands.

How many times have I told you preparation is key? Now look what you’ve done! Really! You can’t be trusted to do the least little thing on your own. I have to do all the thinking and planning, and now I have to go and clean up your mess.

All right, you can come along. Gather up all the cleaning supplies, and don't forget your personal gear this time. If you promise to listen and do everything I say, I might let you help. You'd just better hope the cops haven't found her yet.

Story by:

'Ilima Stern

submitted at 10:09pm

11 July 2009