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Dave tapped on the steering wheel and pondered the future at the intersection of his life. The darkness of the night illuminated by the changing colors. Green, to yellow, to red and green again. In his car, he became a monument of indecision.

A left turn led to the highway and the freedom of the open road. A chance to begin anew. A new man, a new attitude. A turn to the right will take him back to his family. His children and his wife that showed him no affection. Back to the mountain of bills and disconnect notices, back to fighting and back to the bottle.

Every night on his journey home from work, Dave sat at this light. Each night, he pondered the same question. And each night he made the same decision to return to his family. To an unloving wife and children who barely knew him. To his bottle that gave him the courage to live another day.

Story by:

Norman Thomas Cooper

submitted at 11:35pm

12 July 2009

Norman Thomas Cooper's web: