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Cockroach Times - July 10th 2009

A cockroach militia lives underground in my plumbing. Peeking at me from behind drain stops, waiting for the last light to go out.

They all met recently at a G888 summit behind the drainpipe. It was agreed that further talks would have to occur. Apparently the ant army was encroaching on their territory, particularly their leader, Mac Moody, who won the last election through his usual bullying practices.

Sanctions may need to be initiated.

On another note, the Common Myna population is exploding throughout the southern region. There have been many sightings of bird refuse,piles of it.This is a grave concern as tunnels and openings are in danger of being blocked. It was suggested that perhaps research and development could look into that as a new source of fuel... more later.

The human population in the region is in an economic recession.

We are still being watched, however brighter days are on the horizon, the supply of deadly inhalant is nearly gone.

On a lighter note,the annual roach ball will be held in mid September, RSVP by August 30th. Ladies, a new consignment store in the back by the Tri-palm just opened recently. Janet, Mariah and Cher, our cousins from the Mainland, have their old clothes there,worth checking into.

WOW, some dream, Iím having.

I imagine one day they will figure out that they outnumber us. We will be... fighting their wars, eating their food, cleaning their waste.

Maybe in The Bug Zone!

It is a dream... isnít it?

Story by:

Cornelia DeDona

submitted at 3:34am

13 July 2009

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