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Pants of Glory

Today I tried on a new pair of pants. They fit like a fist up my ass. There were many mirrors around so I could admire from many angles how good my fist-in-my-ass fitting pants looked.

I had other pants to try on but there was simply no point after the sheer joy and elation of wearing my special new pants.

I simply left all of the other pants laying sheepishly in the dressing room unattended, wrinkled and unloved. I sauntered up to the front counter so everyone could admire the pants that up until recently, had been seen on me by nobody else but me.

And as I went to pay I simply lifted my ass up so the checkout person could scan the barcode still attached to the ass of my perfectly lovely, wonderful, sensational fits-like-a-fist-in-my-ass fitting pants.

Story by:

J. C. Savely

submitted at 4:57am

14 July 2009