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Witches Three

With their colorful wide-brimmed hats

Weighing the spiny lobster with their eyes.

"Much too small for the three of us," said Hazel.

"Easily fixed," entoned Sephora,

Casting her spell before anything more could be said.

The lobster grew to three times its previous size

Before three pairs of eyes.

"Toss it into the cauldron," trilled Agnes,

"The waterís boiling and

I havenít eaten in a moon."

"Sheís about to make a break for it,"

Said Sephora watching the moving and reaching appendages.

"Letís throw in more ginger root,

That should stun her," Hazel chimed in.

Agnes, watching impatiently, couldnít take any more.

She splayed out the fingers of her left hand,

Detached her arm at the armpit,

And used it to hold the crafty crustacean

Under the bubbling water.

"There, there," she crooned.

Story by:

'Ilima Stern

submitted at 10:53pm

26 July 2009