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His Name was Black Toe

Over the years there has been much mystery and speculation surrounding Black Toe. Not least, about how he actually got his name. No one is quite sure how it happened, but it is generally believed that he was first given the name by a friend some weeks after he tried to play tennis in a pair of "Runners" that were too small for him.

At the time of the incident there was a small amount of pain, then nothing for the next two weeks.

Then, almost out of the blue the toe just went black, right before his very eyes. Black I tell you! Black as Coal, a bit like the colour of Texas Tea.

There have also been rumours that it was around this time that his foot stopped behaving like a foot, and then for nearly seven weeks after that fateful day, it is claimed that the foot instead behaved more like hand. Although this rumour remains completely unsubstantiated.

Conspiracy Theorists of the World have labelled this "Truly one of life's mysteries...."

To date, there have never been any reports claiming that the whole foot ever went black.

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submitted at 5:27am

31 July 2009