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She Needs

Dinner dishes done, laundry folded, kids bathed and in bed, Maria picked up her shopping bags and walked into the den. She found her husband of fifteen years, in his usual position, semi-reclined in his chair, t.v. remote in one hand, can of beer in the other.

"I'm off to the supermarket," she said, not expecting a response.

Without looking in her direction, he actually replied. "Would it kill you to get enough lunch meat for the whole week this time? I swear woman, you can't do anything right." His words were slurred, expression ice cold.

The insults didn't even sting anymore, she was used to his moods. Deep down she was glad that he was hostile tonight. It eased her conscience a bit.

Moments later, Maria was making a left turn onto Elm Street, in the opposite direction of the store. She pulled up in front of a small gray house and waited, not proud of what she was doing, but couldn't bring herself to leave. What if I get caught?

Jolted from her thoughts by the sound of the car door opening, she sucked in a ragged breath, and watched the man, fifteen years her junior, climb inside. Maria nervously scanned her surroundings, before she spoke.

"I can't believe I'm doing this."

Without a word, he leaned over and found her mouth with his. His lips were tender but he kissed her hard. Her body was suddenly filled with lust, her abusive husband a distant memory.

Story by:

Tia Broden

submitted at 8:35pm

2 August 2009

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