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Liam was a simple man. He did simple things. One day he was at school. Little did he know that destiny was upon him. He was sitting in class, as he often does, listening to his teachers. Today's class was spectacular as they were talking about depression. A young girl next to him apparently was greatly attached to the subject. Liam however was ignorant to this. The girl, being overcome with grief began to whimper and cry. Poor Liam who thought that her whimpering was in actually fact laughing decided to laugh along with her.

This continued for 30 minutes. At the end of the lesson, Liam was going to turn to her and share all their frivolities in full. However the girl, who thought he was an absolute bastard, ran away crying.

He was then beaten up by all the jocks and anyone with any moral decency in class.

Later when he was telling me this story, I lol'd, despite his heavy bruising and suspiciously off centre nose.

This is by the way a completely true story.

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submitted at 5:29am

7 August 2009