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Gay Black Jewish Communists

Porn, you should watch it. Seriously just do it. It makes people happy. Imagine if you will a job where you are paid to have sex with beautiful women. Or if you are paid to have sex with angry italian/american men. That to me sounds like the dream job. Also watching porn brings many the benefit. Such as masturbation, masturbation has no downside... at all. And if there is a downside I have yet to become aware of it.

Also Lord of the Rings. Seriously, just read it. I'm sick of all these people who talk to me about the movies, read the books. They are way cool. Legolas for instance is not Orlando Bloom. Which is a very good thing. Also, Frodo isn't such a whiney little bitch. Sam however is equally cool, so again it is all pros without the cons. Unless of course you are illiterate, in which case stop trying to read this story, you dumbass.

Also everyone should stop being so mean to people they don't like. Except illiterate people, it's like geez guys, It isn't hard to read. So just do it. You see I know it is safe to make fun of illiterate people through a written medium because I am absolutely safe from persecution. Also because this is the internet; fuck you old people.

Nah I'm kidding, old people rock, when they aren't draining the economy that is. OH SNAP. I kid, I kid. The real enemy is gay black jewish communists. They are such a large demographic, they are pulling our community apart or something. I don't know...whatevs.

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submitted at 5:44am

7 August 2009