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We lay facing each other, bleeding. I wasn't sure which of us would die first. It revolted me yet I couldn't drag my eyes away from it.

A big bulbous forehead underpinned with big bulbous eyes. But the eyes were shut, as if in pain. I briefly wondered what colour they were but my thought was interrupted by some residual movement in its short grotesque limbs. Its raw toothless mouth opened and closed twice. It looked like it wanted to scream but all that came out was a bloody glaucous liquid.

We had fought till the death, the monster and I. Our anguished thrashings united in one cause; the fight for survival; the fight for life. And now we both lay here, defeated, gasping those last few breaths before the end came. Revulsion mingled with pity as I watched it die. I closed my eyes to die too.

I was jolted back to life by the sound of a door slamming.

"Sorry we're late Jenny. Your mother's train was delayed."

I had no strength to call out. I lay where I was, silently bleeding. Footsteps neared the bathroom.

"Oh God, Jenny! Phylis, call an ambulance, she's miscarried. Oh God, Jenny, Jenny."

My eyes flickered open, shifting between my husband's and our baby's face. Poor baby. We'd fought so hard together to stay alive but I couldn't save it. It looked so sad, the partially formed hopelessly premature foetus that would have been our son, lying lifeless in our mingled blood.

Story by:

Donna Lorenzo

submitted at 7:18pm

8 August 2009