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X-Rated Mind

Jed's lip curled in disdain as he walked through Camden Market. He couldn't help it. The sight of all the day trippers had that effect on him. The empty eyed shoppers, the grinding hip joints and gammy knees of the old dears with their shopping baskets, those fashionably thin girls with their protruding collarbones and ribcages. It irked him the way they cluttered up this place that had once been so magical to him. The bric-a-brac stalls selling bizarre and beautiful objects to the bizarre and beautiful people of London. Just magical. Till that night, the night he saved that old guy packing up his stall from being robbed. The night the old guy showed him that battered little antique lamp and told him it contained his reward. That night it was a little too magical.

Still, he couldn't deny he'd been warned. Be careful what you wish for. But he knew exactly what he wanted. What any young man his age would wish for. X-ray vision!

Story by:

Donna Lorenzo

submitted at 7:29pm

8 August 2009