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No air

Aimee and Emily were coming back from Indianapolis. The plane started rocking and there was very bad turbulance! The pilot quickly announced "Everybody put your seatbelts on, we are having a bit of rough turbulance but don't worry, we'll be back on track in no time!" Aimee and Emily started to panic as they were very dramatic. They only had each other as their families had also passed away in Indianapolis :O. They quickly took their seats and strapped themselves up. Aimee looked out of the window and she saw the everglades under her. She began to shake because she knew that if they crashed into the everglades then the huge man-eating elephants that inhabited the trees would gobble them up to gunge. The plane span all the way round and went upside down. The big doors swung open and all of the passengers fell out two by two. Aimee and Emily were about to fall and Aimee turned around back into the plane, Emily had no other choice but to go after Aimee.

"We've missed our only chance of survival!" Emily said turning Aimee around and gripping onto her shoulder.

"I'm sorry", Aimee began she burst into tears.

"I just can't imagine me and my best friend being eaten alive by the man-eating elephants!"

They were left alone in the plane, stranded and hopeless knowing they were doomed. The plane slowly sank into the swampy everglades. And in no time they were under the bogginess with no air. They knew they were about to suffocate but suddenly there was light. But it was too late.

Story by:

aimzzz and emzzz

submitted at 12:18pm

2 July 2008