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A New Experience

Why not?, he thought, taking one from her.

His teeth tentatively pierced the waxy green skin. Nothing bad happened. He bit deeper. A succulent coolness filled his mouth. Sweet refreshing juice mingled with saliva as he masticated the crisp firm flesh. With the skin broken a clean perfume gently infused the air. He slowly savoured all these virgin sensations whilst internally laughing at their misplaced anxiety. Nothing bad happened, he told himself again, just this pristine skin encasing deliciously firm flesh.

"Well?," she asked curiously. "Do you feel changed?"

He shook his head, still looking at the marvel in his hand.

"What's it like?," she asked.

He looked up at her to speak, but his breath unexpectedly caught in his throat, mouth agape. She looked at this new wide eyed expression quizzically, awaiting her answer.

Adam pulled himself together enough to slowly utter, "Pristine skin..... deliciously firm flesh....."

Story by:

Donna Lorenzo

submitted at 10:44am

15 August 2009