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Fabio's Professional Pride

When he gave her the key to her suite he was careful not to touch her hand.

When he served breakfast each morning he didn't lean in close enough to smell her perfume.

When he looked into her eyes while telling her the way to the Ampitheatre, on her day off from the conference, he made sure he didn't hold her gaze any longer than was appropriate.

When she stopped by the desk on her way back to thank him for his sightseeing suggestion and asked for his recommendation for a restaurant, he stemmed the tone of admiration in his voice.

When she signed out he held in the sigh that hurt his chest.

Fabio took pride in his professionalism, even though running the small guest house took all his time and stopped him from getting out and meeting a nice lady who might like to share his life and his beloved business. He wouldn't embarrass himself by believing a beautiful business woman like her would be interested in a humble man like him.

When she got into the taxi he'd arranged for her, her heart sank. He seemed so sweet and kind, if a little shy. But she guessed he must have lots of lonely ladies like her stay there, all dreaming of giving up their hectic empty routines to live in humble simplicity with a good man. If he'd have been interested at all he'd have let her know - she gave him enough opportunities.

Story by:

Donna Lorenzo

submitted at 2:03pm

16 August 2009