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Dearest Puppy,

While I am the dominant dog in this household, I feel it is only right that I address the situation which occurred between us last evening.

My heart has been heavy with shame at my despicable actions. True, I was provoked. However, my response was untoward; not a reflection of my feelings, or of my character. I humbly apologize, and hope you have not lost respect for me.

That being said, I feel it is my responsibility to offer some instruction. That is, after all, part of my role as dominant dog, and an obligation I gladly bear as a function of my years and temperament.

Do not touch my bone. Ever.

Although it was not appropriate to snap at you, you must never touch another dogís bone. Many, I dare say most, would not have exercised the same restraint as I, and I fear you would have been gravely injured.

Just the other day while we were barking together at the cat across the street, I caught a glimpse of our reflections in the glass door. My dearest Puppy, youíve grown so much. Youíre almost as tall as me, and quite lovely. To think I was ever jealous of you. Iím quite pleased now to share our home, and to share the Mistress with you.

Mistress has tasked me implicitly with teaching you the genteel ways which will make you a pleasant, obedient, and faithful member of our household, and I pray I am up to the challenge. You have, in most instances, proved to be a good pupil. While I will rise every day to the occasion, gently correct you and guide you in proper behavior, do not touch my bone.

With affection,


Story by:

Vickie Clasby

submitted at 2:43am

30 August 2009