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If you are reading this then congratulations, for you have been chosen to continue the lost tradition of chain mail with this very postcard. Who I am is of no importance; I am just a link in a very long chain. With this card I have now completed my task and the torch, as it were, has been passed to you. Now that my children are safe, the purveyor will be looking for you to continue his bidding. Do not panic, as I did; all you have to do in order to escape his wrath is write out a new postcard and mail it onto someone else. It can be someone you know or a complete stranger. What you write is also up to you. The one I received had only my address and it has taken me several agonising months to decipher its origin. The only rule, which I discovered to my error, is that you cannot return the postcard to the original sender. My sincere apologies for this inconvenience; I have included all I know in order to reduce your hardship. And, if for nothing else, it is my dying wish that one day a postcard such as this will reach the hand of the man or woman that started it; maybe you will be the one to do it? From my hospital bed, I bid you good luck.

Story by:

Mark Robinson

submitted at 12:44pm

1 September 2009