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Boys! Whats the point!

Sophia turned on the computer. Sat down a sighed. Lauren was online. She began to type.

Heyyahh Sweetie, you said you wanted to know what was up, well here goes. When I told Mark he was NOT very happy, his reply was this :

"Sophia, babe look - it's not you, it's me! i'm just not ready to be a father. I'm sorry."

Yeah right! I'm not ready either but I'm still here! What a two-faced bastard! He said he'd be there always but he's not! We didn't mean to get together, we just did. I thought he was my friend. My soul mate. Obviously NOT! I'll never forgive him; never. He's leaving me to be a mother all by myself, as if I haven't got other things to do, grades to get. Humpf, I'll never make a mistake like that again! I should have listened to Nadia, she told me not to, to stop it before it started. I wish I had, I really really do.

You are sooo lucky you didn't choose Sociology!

There's only one thing for it, I'll have to go to Sociology class tomorrow and just ask for another partener! I'm not going to get a bad grade for a boy OR a stupid teddy assignment. Who ever thought of doing an assignment about raising a teddy for a week with a BOY! I mean come on all they want to do is watch T.V and watch naked ladies, GOD some teachers are stupid!

Thanks for letting me talk about it to you I feel alot better now!

Thanks sooooo much!

Soph xxx

Sophia turned off the computer and smiled to herself. Friends. What else in the world matters?

Story by:

Emily Tyers

submitted at 12:26pm

2 July 2008