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Drop a wish in a tin cup. Each coin a part of his jigsaw wish. His wish to be loved and cared for. Show him you care. Drop in that tuppenny wish. And when you do, make a wish for yourself. A wish that this'll never be you.

Each piece of his wish drops in with a clink. A few clinks more will buy a styrofoam cup filled to the brim with sweet hot goodness. First he will breathe it in. The warm aroma will remind him of the time he was a man, and there was a woman who brought a cup to the table each morning, and set it down with love. Then, with eyes closed, he will sip it and savour the bittersweet taste and remember when he was a man and this place was so commonplace in his life that he took it for granted. Next he will swallow and sit quietly as the warmth spreads out from his belly and reminds his body of when he was a man and never feared a rainy day or a frosty night. When warmth and dryness were something he provided for others. With each sip he tastes another piece of his wish. To love and be loved. To give and to receive. To be a man again.

Drop a wish in a tin cup.

Story by:

Donna Lorenzo

submitted at 12:14am

3 September 2009