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Step Up

Donna couldn’t imagine how her life would be different after the fall. She could have prevented the fall itself, had she heeded David’s words. “The stairs are slippery even when they’re dry”. As she stepped on the first stair, she immediately could tell they were dry and somehow was not be able to hold her balance on them. In the days to follow, everything changed; her cat was hit by a car, her job was downsized, David was called up and forced to take a posting in a confidential location and her apartment burned to the ground. She refused to believe that these events would have come about despite the fall. She overcame all the doubts in her mind and as soon as the broken leg healed, she found herself boarding a plane to take a new job across the globe and nearer to her heart.

Story by:

Monica Vereana Williams

submitted at 3:55pm

8 September 2009

Monica Vereana Williams' web: