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The Sage's Last Day

The sage started his day by peeling off the cracked dull words he used to speak so many years before this day.

"The times are changing..." he'd tell himself. He felt his end coming and deep down he knew his time was almost up.

He didn't bother to pack the lack of things he owned. He just got up and headed across the lands and fields, climbing hills, passed through a few village streets until he reached a far isolated field with a single tree.

He settled himself down under the branches and positioned himself in full lotus position. Meditating. Breathing what he knew to be his last few breathes. Time passed for what felt like years, as it normally did.

Until the sage finally found his last moment of peace. "Until next time", he whispered to himself softly. Then with a sudden flash, his flesh left him and he was left as a single statue, under a tree...'

Story by:

Espy Loopa

submitted at 3:18am

29 September 2009