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The Lottery

Look, Eileen, I bought us a lottery ticket. Draw’s on Saturday. One million.

Right. Time to get out my rosary beads again.

Good! Do it. Just think what we could do with all that money!

What would you do, Dennis, if you won?

Well, I’d pay off the house, give some to the kids, get us a snowblower. And, quit working at the plant, that’s for sure!

You know you’re more likely to be struck by lightening.

No, not with you praying for me!

I should tell you something, Dennis: I pray you won’t win.

What? You do WHAT?

You heard me. It would be a nightmare trying to decide who got what. For starters, Billy and Jean really need money, and Carol and Ross are rolling in it. How do we sort out that one? Not to mention all those charities that’ll come calling from near and far just as soon as word gets out.

You foolish woman, we’ll just keep it and do what we want with it.

Of course we wouldn’t keep it, not when so many people need so much!

If you think you could save the world with one million dollars, Eileen, think again.

Story by:

Mary J. Breen

submitted at 9:21pm

2 October 2009