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boyfriend horror

I was walking home from school with my friend and her boyfriend I haven't had a boyfriend since year 7 and he was silly. Kelly she was called my best friend but since her and Mark had been getting closer I was getting further away from her. I have decided I'm going to get a boyfriend on the net any where I wanted one and soon! 3 weeks later I had been on the internet and talking to this one boy he was a year older than me 16 and only lives 30 minutes away. I'm going to meet him today in the park for lunch the we are going to go for a walk! I cant wait.

So I got to the park sat down on the bench and waited, then this old odd looking man appeared he was staring at me, oh god I thought please dont tell me that's him! But then this good looking boy appeared my hopes were raised for a few minutes then he kissed this girl:( The old man walked over to me "Sophie Marks?" he grinned pulled out a knife I screamed, the good looking guy turned round stopped he jumped on the mans back and punched him then turned to me "Are you ok?" "Yer I suppose, thanks"

"Hey sis call mum tell her were going to be a bit later!"

"What do you mean sis she's your sister?"

3 mounths later we're in a strong relationship!

Story by:

chloe sneap

submitted at 12:29pm

2 July 2008