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The Yes Men (Part Two)

... on the bar and i am able to quickly jump to my feet and immediately order "3 bottles of Vodka please my good lady". Obviously i do this using sign language, as the good lady in question speaks no English either.

The laughs quickly turn to looks of surprise as i provide each man on the table with a shot glass and the briefest of English lessons. Whomever says the word "Yes" gets a full glass of Russia's Finest. What begins slowly, ends with each man at the table mastering this new dialect and a thaw begins. When my bottles are all but spent, i am forever indebted to my orignal partner in linguistic crime for he gets himself to the bar, looks straight at me, then holds up three fingers and says "Wodka", to which i shout "Yes". The laughter is now inclusive. This repeats itself for many hours with many different self elected members of this new botherhood approachimng the bar and in turn becoming provider. Until the iron shutter is unceremoniously slammed by Metal Spoon at 6am, who then promptly disappears.

After waking in my cabin the next morning with a rather foggy head i gather my belongings and head down onto deck just as our ship is docking. I am greeted with a truly heart warming round of backslaps, from these new comrades of mine.

Each one, without exception, looking back with a smile and once again displaying their new found command of the English language as they climb up into the cabs of their various trucks.

Making new friends can only ever be a good thing.

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submitted at 4:23pm

16 October 2009