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The Fox and Mrs Crowe

It's like this see. Classy dame (widowed, smoking, red lipstick, heels, hat, sex) Mrs Crowe (Russell) jerks open the door to hard-boiled anti-hero's sparse office. The case: The Fox (aka The Jackal, aka Edward Fox) has posh anarchist leanings à la Hubert Reed). Property is theft. Who or what is the Big Cheese? Hardbitten Marlowe (more Chris than Phillip) [the sportscaster not the dramatist] grins sourly, growls, takes a C-note and puts the squeeze on the Fox. If the dame wouldna opened her big trap, then the Fox couldna gotten holda the Big Cheese. BC, a chubby-faced, rancid prevert from Pennsylvannia (aka the Dutchman) is in the frame. Marlowe goes thru the usual (hyper)violence and resolves (or doesn’t) [Who cares lady?] the (non-)case. La Fontaine, De Gaulle and Aesop are interested parties. Chandleresque lexis freely stolen with all the usual post-modernist trimmings. Mrs C turns out to be implicated all along. Hey lady, I never trust a flatterer. But you already knew that.

Story by:

Phil Doran

submitted at 6:06pm

25 October 2009

Phil Doran's web: