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Bunsen Burner

'Get out of my head. It's all in the past. Let me move on. I didn't mean to do it!'

But there it was, like in the film. What's it called? Oh yes, Duel,that's it. A sinister lorry terrorises the driver of a car. It just kept on chasing him. He couldn't escape and neither can I.

It was a chemistry lesson, 1966. We sat in a group,leaning on stools, talking about the latest pop song, fooling with elastic bands and paper aeroplanes. Rows of Bunsen Burners gave of pungant fumes - like incense. Gambo nudged me, diverting my attention from pottassium permanganate and the purple puddles it made on the wooden banch. Another boy, from an adjacent table, flicked water in our faces. White coated Mr Beanie ignored us,as he chalked chemical hieroglyphs on the blackboard.

I knew something was up when Buzz whispered in Gambo's ear. Then he put a Bunsen in my hand and said,'Shove this under the bench.'

Our victim sat writing in his chemistry excercise book, as he always did. Came top again that year. Never joined in with the rest of us.

Buzz and Gambo grabbed him, while I held the Bunsen Burner. Then Gambo turned it on.

'Make him splutter a bit,'said Buzz.

'Hold him tighter,'said Gambo.

'Thats enough Gambo,'I said.'We've had our own back now.'

'No,wait until he stops struggling.'

Then the struggling stopped-----

Story by:

Howard J Thomas

submitted at 10:34pm

27 October 2009