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It was a warm summers night, it felt like paradise. I was with Him. We sat under the tree just talking. And then it happened: My first kiss. Well first proper kiss. He leaned in, and I closed my eyes. He was such a good kisser. Now THAT felt like paradise! I pulled away, and smiled. The rest of the night was a passionate blur.

"I have to go, Adam." I said, with all honesty.

"Megan? Promise you'll be there, at the beach tomorrow?"

"Yeah, yeah, promise." I got up and picked up my bag. I smiled, turned around and hurried home my parents were going to kill me! I was an hour late.

I got back to the caravan, and the lights were already out. Surely i wasn't that late? I tried the door. Locked! Ahhhh! I didn't know what to do, and i panicked. I didn't have my mobile. Oh stupid! Stupid me! I did the first thing that came to my mind: run to reception.

"Excuse me? Help me please! can I use your phone? Yes its urgent!"

I punched in the number fast .

No answer!

I tried again and got through.

"Hello Mum where are you?"

On the other end of the line I could hear my mum crying.

"Hi darling, listen we are at the hospital."

At that moment my heart started to beat.

Story by:

Amina & Emi x

submitted at 12:29pm

2 July 2008