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Take Care, Julia

P.S. You can come get your things on Saturday. Iíll be visiting my parents. Make sure you watch out for Wrigley. He escaped last night and it took me hours to find him. He doesnít come to me when I call his name like he does for you. He even sits by your chair through the night. Can you believe it? After all that time we spent trying to get him off our bed. I put everything right next to the front door so you can just grab it and go. Your CDs are in one of the boxes, along with the vase we bought in VeniceóI know how much you love it. I kept the music box though, I hope you donít mind. Itís been helping me sleep lately. But everything else is there. And please donít forget to leave the key. I donít want you to stop by again; youíll break Wrigleyís heart coming and going like that.

Story by:

Caitlin M. Smith

submitted at 7:01am

8 November 2009