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That's Just The Way The Cookie Crumbles

Starlet's all I have in this run down old city. The crumbling buildings are much like her crumbling belief that she may make it out of here. We're all trapped, drawn in by the life that is present. Families we once wanted to get rid of are now the only people we can't leave. The local grocery store we worked at during summer vacations bribes us to stay with the raise of $2. With the depression we're in? Why not? During our shift she'll leave me notes in the cash register. Words you would never show your mother. Notes aren't lonely in the register. I often find a baggy of mary jane and cigarettes for us to share at break.

Starting at 4:15 the stock room is where our secret hides. Lust is a deadly sin. We're going to hell along with that stock room.

After work we live separate lives. I have my coterie of friends, and she has hers. Cell phones are "over rated" in her world. No text messages. No phone calls.

We attend the same high school. No classes together. Never say hi in the halls. Just pure sinful sex everyday at 4:15.

So who am I kidding? I never dreamed of leaving and now my reason to stay is even stronger. I'm tied down to this town with no strength to untie myself.

Story by:

Jazzy Young

submitted at 11:28am

1 December 2009

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