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This One Time

This one time, I was so drunk I parked my car crooked in the driveway.

-- Oh, great story, make sure you tell it at parties.

Okay, this one time, I was a temp and we had elevator races to the third floor.

-- Wow, you live on the edge. Iím so impressed. Not.

Well, this one time, I was riding Gentlemanís Agreement and he bolted and we jumped the hedges and wound up in the pond.

-- That is the most incredible thing thatís ever happened to anyone!

But really, this one time, I kept driving. I mean, I knew I had hit her. I knew she was laying in the road in a very strange position. But there was no one around and it was dark. So I kept driving.

-- What?

Story by:

J.M. Cinq-Mars

submitted at 3:09pm

17 December 2009