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Heart Ache

He promised me that he loved me and that we would last forever. My friends had warned me about him but I just couldn't resist him! Everytime I stared into his beautiful brown eyes I just fell for him head first down the love tree and hit every branch along the way. I suppose you could say that I'm a bit young to be speaking so "romantically" for a 14 year old but no one can quite imagine what I'm feeling at the moment!

Like I said above my friends warned me, they told me that he was no good and just a player and as much as he's proved them right I can't look him in the face and I say that I don't have feelings for him. The pain he caused me was unbeleivable - like my heart had actually snapped in half not just because he had finished it with me but that he liked someone else! The worst thing had ever happened in the history of all those silly little problem pages in Sugar magazine.

The boy who I loved and I still do has not just caused me heart ache and crying every night but the biggest embarrassment!

The boy who I wanted to call mine turned out to be gay!

It all happened three days after our 1 year anniversary. I read the boyfriend problem page as you do and I saw the paragraph reading: I hve th mst gawjus grl-frend nd i luv her like lds but i thnk im turnin gay! ive fallen 4 anover male whilst goin out wiv her wat shud i do?" from Jacob McNally


Story by:

Alex Babb

submitted at 12:31pm

2 July 2008