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The Blonde and the Brunette

In my life, the two most beautiful ladies I have ever seen, would have to be a twenty year old country pop singer, with perfect white skin, and lovely blonde hair, and a seventeen year old pop singer with perfect proportions and brown hair, famous for her role on a show about a secret pop star. Sometimes, on these dark lonely nights, I wonder to myself what it would be like to watch these two beauties elope.

It would be a candle-lit Love Story, the two would meet in a darkened room, Fearless, after hitting it off at a Party in the USA. The blonde would sweetly utter "You Belong with Me" as she took off her dress. The brunette would Breakout of her clothes and produce 7 Things, all long and made of plastic, and they would make love to the sounds of Tim McGraw, with not even a Fly on the Wall to watch.

After that night, Fifteen years later, the blonde and the brunette would both think to themselves, "I wish I could See You Again".

Nah, but seriously, they're hot.

Story by:

John Frum

submitted at 2:00pm

23 December 2009