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A Smile

I went to the nearby town. I had a business there. An urgent business - a new client. I agreed to meet in half an hour, entered the car, and drove away.

However, five minutes before the town, I saw her! Actually, her smile - just as I went into the curve in the road, I sensed something that felt as reflection of a light beam. I did the emergency stop and almost found my face flat on the windshield. Then I felt as though somebody threw me back into the car's chair. The car stopped and I dizzily looked into the mirror.

Wow! There I saw a smile! What a smile - I felt like my heart was made of chocolate and it melted. Oh la la! What a smile!

I backed slowly until I came near her legs. What legs they were! Oh la la!

I opened the door and she slid inside. I felt that all my heart is melting but took some air and said, "You... Your... I..." She put her fingers on my lips and feeling wings growing on my back, I drove off with the goddess.

After three minutes, she made me a sign that she wants to walk in the forest. After I unglued her from windshield - emergency stops can do that if you are unbelted - she smiled and ran from the car, the bell style dress flapping in the wind revealing her legs up to thigh, my heart jumping trying to get out from my chest and touch those beauties.

I ran after her. And ran. And ran. And stopped - she was peeing on the tree, standing. STANDING!

After three minutes, I reached my home and bolted the entrance door.

I recalled "her" smile and began hysterically laughing

Story by:

Jack Kuperman

submitted at 8:08am

28 December 2009