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"Ma! I want to invite all my friends today."

"What, all of them? All twenty?"

"What's bad about that?"

"No, no. It's good. When we came here, you had no friends. But in this neighborhood, you've already made twenty friends. Of course you can invite them."

"And it's not twenty. It's twenty-two. I've met a couple of kids yesterday and we became friends. I like them."

"Twenty-two are too many. We haven't enough room."

"Oh, Mom. That's not a problem. Those two don't need a chair. They will sit on the table."

"Yes, still. I haven't enough chairs for the others."

"Mom! Not all of them use chairs. Jill sits on the floor. And Mark prefers it under the table. Moht and Frab lie on it."

"I still don't understand why eight of your friends have to sit on chairs and can't just stand near the table like all the normal children?"

"But mom, I've explained you already. Those eight are from Earth, and they are not used to standing for long on their only two legs. They sit near the table. Not like us here, on Venus. They are different, but they are my friends."

Story by:

Jack Kuperman

submitted at 8:52am

28 December 2009