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November 29, 2009

Hi, honey.

I'm sorry I had to leave the party so early. I know you just got home from work and I know you're tired but I had to pick up the kids from socceer practice, go by the store, drop the kids off at Mom's and swing by my sister's place and bring her to the party. You know how bad Carolyn wanted to be here; she's been looking forward to it all week long. I know how much this party means to you and I want everything to go right. You deserve everything you're going to get.

Oh, by the way, the "special punch" is in the fridge on the second shelf. Don't forget to add the "secret ingredient". Without that we can't achieve prosperity and peace on our new home planet. Love you. You little cult leader you.



Story by:

Brian J. Smith

submitted at 8:52am

1 January 2010

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