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We finally got FDA approval on our Supra-Nutra bread.

I had to tinker a bit with nutrition label to make everyone happy.

Here is the final edit:

Bleached and uranium enriched flour, 100 % hydrogenated extra virgin mineral oil, dead sea salt, aspartyl-phenylalanine-1-methyl ester (sugar substitute), refined powdered iron, dope conditioner, natural, unnatural, and supernatural colors and flavors. Contains naturally occurring untraceable amounts of milk, soy, and honey.

Manufactured in a facility that processes nuts and bolts.

Do you think we should add "Donít heat the bread" warning? I would hate to see us dogged by tabloids just because some crackpot accidentally nukes his office putting our bread into a toaster or a microwave.

Please let me know.



Story by:

Everton Willford

submitted at 10:05am

23 January 2010