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Counting down the days until I reach breaking point.

'I can't be doing with these fucking kids Ed's taking the piss, it really is!'

'Emma just chill alright...I'll be home soon. You just have to cope with them for now. I know it's hard, but I'm sure if I can do it for months at a time you can do it for 2 days!'

Okay...breathe. Count down from 3 and everything will be fine. 3...2...1...ARGHHH!!!

I hate kids, its official. First they give me 9 months of hell during the whole pregnancy thing. Then they expect me to push a bloody watermelon out of something the size of a grape, and now I have to care for the little buggers!


8 months pregnant and I already have 2 kids. I hate Ed!

BANG! He swings open the door.

Oh thank God he's home!

'You're early arent you Ed?'

'Yeah I know...but I got great news. I've finally put an end to all out troubles and worries!'

I gazed down into Ed's hand to see an envelope. He pushed it towards me and I read the adress on the front.

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submitted at 12:31pm

2 July 2008